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Independent game design studio based in Québec, Canada that focuses on action packed, fiction-driven, and accessible gaming experiences.

Free and solo-friendly dark-fantasy role-playing game of journeying and dungeon delving.

A Solo-Friendly RPG of Demon Hunting and Community Building in a Dwarven Asteroid Mine.

A Guided Journey Across a Plagued Land

Grunge Industrial Fantasy RPG about Young Adults Who Want To Make a Difference

A Survival Horror Role-Playing Game of Tension and Release.

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From complex generic systems to kid friendly adventures, there is a bit of everything for everyone.

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How can I get my SRD uploaded on Fari Games

If you have an SRD or any kind of free content related to TTRPG that you would like uploaded on Fari Games, you need to provide me:
- The name of your product
- The name of the author
- It's license (e.g. CC-BY 4)
- A logo to use for the product image (any kind of dimension is fine)
- Any fonts (from google fonts) that you would like the document to use on the site
- A markdown (*.md) document that contains all of the text you would like to be accessible on the site.
Then, contact me with all that information, and we will make that a reality!

How can I create a Fari App character sheet for my game and make it accessible to everyone

If you haven't created a sheet yet, you can start with blank new sheet. Once your character sheet is finished, simply contact me and I will add it to the app ASAP.P.S. Don't forget to credit yourself in the sheet for the awesome work you did.


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René-Pier Deshaies

TTRPG Game Designer at Fari RPGs

Independent game designer based in Québec, Canada that focuses on action packed, fiction-driven, and accessible gaming experiences.

Firelights is a condensed and open licensed solo/co-op role-playing game about a guided journey across a plagued land. It is a game of exploration, discovery, and challenges inspired by the Metroivania video game genre. Players take on the role of a last of its kind lone-protagonist whose role is to guide back the dead back to the underworld after a corruption took over.
Using only the most accessible gaming material (2 six sided dice, a deck of card, and a notebook), players will tackle challenges, evade danger, explore and create a map of the land, fight dangerous bosses, search for treasures, and more.

Hopes & Dreams is a rules-lite tabletop role-playing game where players take the role of young revolutionaries who want to make a difference in a world that won’t let them.Set in a unique grunge industrial fantasy world, this game drives the players organically towards their own short-term goals, and rewards them when they are achieved. In juxtaposition, the group's nightmare always creeps closer, and hints at how life could get worse in this world.

Breathless is a survival horror role-playing game designed with condensed simplicity in mind. The mechanics, setting and character sheet fit on a single bi-fold brochure making it easy for anyone to print the game at home for an impromptu zombie killing one-shot.It's opened licensed version, the Breathless SRD, has enabled dozens of designers to create their own Breathless Game. There are now more than 85 Breathless games to date.

Nomadic is a solo sci-fi role-playing game based on Breathless. Players take on a journey alone across the star, trying to survive the universe's most harsh environment. All in the hope of finding a new home for humanity.This game isn't about the destination, for the player aren't the one to find humanity's new Earth. Instead, it is about the perseverance that the player character will experience throughout their journey.

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From light hearted kid friendly game, all the way to survival horror, passing by slice of life cozy adventures, René-Pier understands what makes each project tick, and fun. Using all of his writing, design, and layout skills, he creates the most amazing and unique experiences for everyone to enjoy at the table.If you're interested in hiring, collaborating or just want to chat, get in touch!

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