Minimalist TTRPG of Tension and Release

The city has been walled up from the outside. You are stuck with breathless Crawlers roaming as far as the eye can see.

You are surrounded by strangers, and the only thing left to do is survive.

You can’t give up now.

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Solo-Friendly TTRPG of Demon Hunting and Community Building

Brokur Longneck of House Grandrock has passed away and you are his only surviving relative(s). In his will, Brokur has bequeathed to you the cursed mines of the Long Belt, its dilapidated settlement, and the leadership of House Grandrock.

However, other dwarf houses seek to overthrow you and take control of the valuable minerals hidden deep within those cold tunnels.To complicate matters further, most of the mines’ galleries are haunted by fire spitting demons from the underworld.Cleanse. Rebuild. Survive.


Solo TTRPG of Exploration and Survival

Humanity abandoned Earth as it was destroyed and retaken by the Primordials. The Earth United Front sent hundreds of pilots into the depths of space to explore, document, and survive the harshness of the void in the hope of finding a new planet where humans could prosper again. During that time, what’s left of humanity is waiting in giant cryo ships for a new planet to be discovered.

You are a nomad, one of the pilots sent to look for inhabitable worlds.

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Solo Metroidvania TTRPG of Exploration

For generations, the departed have been trapped in their undead form all across the land of Penumbra, tormenting and plaguing our world. The Firelights, who once guided the dead through the Veil, have vanished. But there is still hope.

Their last cocoons just hatched right under the careful eyes of the Protectors.

You are the last of the Firelights. You must traverse through swarms of lifeless creatures, ignite all the land's old beacons, and lead the dead through the Veil once more.

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Hopes & Dreams

Grunge Industrial Fantasy TTRPG

Government officials are corrupted, your leaders are broken, and the future looks bleak.

You and your friends haven’t abandoned hope yet.

You still have dreams of what life could be, and are willing to fight for it.

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