Firelights is a condensed and open licensed solo/co-op role-playing game about a guided journey across a plagued land. It is a game of exploration, discovery, and challenges inspired by the Metroivania video game genre.

Players take on the role of a last of its kind lone-protagonist whose role is to guide back the dead back to the underworld after a corruption took over.

Using only the most accessible gaming material (2 six sided dice, a deck of card, and a notebook), players will tackle challenges, evade danger, explore and create a map of the land, fight dangerous bosses, search for treasures, and more.


The game features

  • A beautiful tri-fold PDF easy to print at home which contains all the game's mechanics, rolling tables, and a character sheet.
  • Seven player facing actions to confront risk, search for treasure, buy information, discover a region, fight Curses, evade danger, and getting answers.
  • map making mechanic which uses a standard deck of card to build a Metroidvania style map.
  • Rolling tables for regions, themes, events and NPC backgrounds.
  • Fully open licensed text available for use under the CC-BY v4 license.
  • and more... 

Open License

Breathless was designed to be accessible, and easily hackable. As such, its text is licensed under the CC-BY license.

For more on the Firelights third-party license, its creator kit and SRD, check out the Firelights Creator Kit.

Read the Firelights Creator Kit


You may use the following high-resolution assets when covering the game.

Download press kit assets


  • Release Date: February 7th 2023
  • Price: $6
  • Publisher: Fari RPGs
  • Author: René-Pier Deshaies-Gélinas
  • Illustrator: Galen Pejeau