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Fari RPGs

Let's Jam! (PDF)

Let's Jam! (PDF)

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Life in space is harsh, flying a ship is expensive, and people are difficult to trust. You’ve made it this far by hunting dangerous criminals for the Intergalactic Police Department (IPD) in exchange for just enough credits to  pay for gas and putting some food on your table. You don’t know if your next bounty is going to be the end, but what other choices have you got anyway? You just gotta keep flying.

Let's Jam! is a condensed solo/co-op role-playing game of bounty hunting in a harsh space world. It is a game of exploration, discovery, and challenges inspired by Cowboy Bebop and Star Wars.

Players take on the role of a sole bounty hunter who's hunting many kinds of people for just enough money to keep flying.

Using only the most accessible gaming material (2 six sided dice, a deck of cards, and a notebook), players will see the world, confront risk, push their luck, buy information, evade dangers, and catch bounties.


The game features:

  • A beautiful tri-fold PDF easy to print at home which contains all the game's mechanics, rolling tables, and a character sheet.
  • Seven player facing actions to guide your gameplay.
  • A space-map making mechanic which uses a standard deck of cards to build and chart your journey accross the stars.
  • Rolling tables for locations, bounties, and events.
  • and more...

System: Guided by Firelights
Format: trifold pamphlet PDF
Number of players: 1
Publisher: Fari RPGs

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