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Renegades (PDF)

Renegades (PDF)

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The Federation controls the galaxy. They govern with an iron grasp, leveraging the power of tyranny and propaganda to prevent anyone from overthrowing their ruthless empire. There are rumors in the mists about pockets of rebellion. Renegades who haven't lost hope in the face of impossible odds. The Federation is not invincible. They have flaws, and with a bit of luck, we might overthrow their regime. 

Renegades is a minimalist and rules-light Breathless game set in a sci-fi used future where you play as rebels who want to overthrow the Federation.


  • Play as one of the 7 Kits included in the game based on classic space opera adventures such as the pilot, the mythic, the scavenger, the senator, the smuggler, the droid and the ex-soldier.
  • Print-at home and get ready to play within minutes as all the rules and character sheet fit on a single bi-fold sheet of paper.
  • Minimalist rules that focus on the story and leave a lot of narrative control to the players.
  • Tables for locations and biomes that the player will encounter as they travel through space.
  • and more...!

System: This game is Breathless
Format: bifold pamphlet PDF
Number of players: 2-5
Publisher: Fari RPGs

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