Nomadic is a tragic solo tabletop role-playing game focused on exploration and survival. Inspired by No Man’s Sky and the eponymous song by Ben Prunty, this game is simultaneously harsh, hopeless, and beautiful. Based on the Breathless system, you navigate the harshness of space, study dangerous worlds, gather resources, and move on to the next planet, all in the hope of finding a new home for humankind. The catch is that you never actually find it.

Throughout the game, you use oracles when things are uncertain, perform dangerous actions, and strive to take care of your mind, equipment, and spaceship.



  • A beautifully laid out PDF which includes the lore, the mechanics, the tables and the character sheet.
  • A survival-based system where every action brings you ever close to dramatic complications.
  • A gameplay loop that will let you explore and document dozens of worlds.
  • Numerous rolling tables to generate over 50,000 types of planets.
  • Versatile oracles to guide your journey.
  • and more...

Open License

Nomadic was designed to be accessible, and easily hackable. As such, its text is licensed under the ORC license.

For more on the Nomadic third-party license, its creator kit and SRD, check out the Breathless Creator Kit.

Breathless Creator Kit


Humanity abandoned Earth as it was destroyed and retaken by the Primordials. The Earth United Front sent hundreds of pilots into the depths of space to explore, document, and survive the harshness of the void in the hope of finding a new planet where humans could prosper again. During that time, what’s left of humanity is waiting in giant cryo ships for a new planet to be discovered.You are a nomad, one of the pilots sent to look for inhabitable worlds. You are equipped with a high-tech exo-suit that lets you survive some of the harshest environments. You carry with you a blaster, a portable drone, scanners, and various sensors. Furthermore, you pilot a NOD class starship equipped with a light engine and an astro-droid.



You may use the following high-resolution assets when covering the game.

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  • Price: 6$
  • Release Date: Jun 29, 2022. Remastered on August 18 2023
  • Format: 8 panels PDF (17"×11”)
  • Itch Page:
  • Number of players 1 (or asynchronous coop)
  • Writing, layout & design: René-Pier Deshaies-Gélinas
  • Publisher: Fari RPGs