Songs and Sagas

We were cast out. Our brethren struck our names from memory. Guided by gods and spirits, we stand firm in our conviction. Alone, we are called to venture beyond the mist. To chart the land. To cleanse the shadows. Along the way, we pay our respects to ancestors and deities. 

And one day, all shall hear the echoes of our destinies fulfilled as they ring out in songs and sagas.

Carve your Legend

Songs and Sagas is a condensed OSR inspired tabletop role-playing game of axes, runes, spirits and legends. Play as fierce northern warriors as they strive to forge a new life in the embrace of an unforgiving frozen wild.

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This game offers:

Familiar rules, with a new twist. The mechanics are easy to grasp, feel familiar, and can be expanded upon with the blink of an eye.

Condensed and accessible format. Available in a print-at-home pamphlet format, simply prepare one copy per player and you'll have everything you need to explore the treacherous northern lands and honor the gods.

Solo-friendly rules. While sailing through ice and rocks, you are never truly alone, for a Vanori watches over you. Using the included in solo mechanics, you can experience all that Songs and Sagas has to offer even if you are the only player at the table.

High compatibility with OSR. Use the bestiary you're used to and easily convert creatures and monsters, giving them a new meaning.

Based on games you love. This game takes inspiration from games such as Mork Borg, Mausritter, Into the Odd, Knave, Charge, Firelights and Breathless to create a new and unique system that is ready for battle and glory.

Fully open licensed. You are free to use any content from Songs and Sagas to create your own game, "Carried in Songs and Sagas", as long as you respect the scriptures and will of the spirits.

Open License

Songs and Sagas was designed to be accessible, and easily hackable. As such, its text is licensed under the ORC license.

For more on the Songs and Sagas third-party license, its creator kit and SRD, check out the Songs and Sagas Creator Kit

Read the Songs and Sagas Creator Kit


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  • Release Date: Q1 2023
  • Price: $3
  • Publisher: Fari RPGs
  • Author: René-Pier Deshaies-Gélinas
  • Illustrator: Galen Pejeau
  • Editor: Eric Lazure
  • Additional EditingLynn Jones
    Design Consultants: Ryan Lucas, Lynn Jones, Andrew Boyd, Matteo Sciutteri