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Fari RPGs

Dash (PDF)

Dash (PDF)

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Dash is a rules-light generic role-playing game that fits on a print-and-play half fold brochure. It uses a quick dice resolution mechanics inspired by Forged in the Dark games, but with an entirely new spin, using clever ways to make the players want to engage with the game as much as possible.

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  • Minimalist and generic take on the Forged in the Dark formula.
  • Thematic mechanics to reinforce players taking dramatic risks.
  • Condensed half fold brochure format for easy print-and-play.
  • Fast character creation that supports any setting and story.
  • Versatile progression system to make characters grow overtime.
  • Beautiful character sheet available on the back cover of the pamphlet.
  • Insightful designer notes for you to design your own game using this system.

System: Powered by Charge
Format: bifold pamphlet PDF
Number of players: 2-5
Publisher: Fari RPGs

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