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Hopes & Dreams (PDF)

Hopes & Dreams (PDF)

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Hopes & Dreams is a rules-lite tabletop role-playing game where you play as young adults who want to make a difference in a world that won’t let them. Government officials are corrupted, your leaders are broken, and the future looks bleak.

Play in this original grunge industrial fantasy setting where you and your friends haven’t abandoned hope yet. You still have dreams of what life could be, and are willing to fight for it.


Inspired by Arcane, The Name of the Wind, Hunger Games, and Overwatch, this game offers:

  • A beautifully laid out +80 pages long PDF.
  • An original, aspect-based, resolution mechanic.
  • 5 kits for the players to choose from.
  • A progression system that focuses on the group's dream.
  • A way for PCs to perform powerful stunts ignited by their hope.
  • A stylish character sheet and rules reference pamphlet.
  • Details about a grunge fantasy city full of opportunities and districts to explore.
  • and more...


Hopes & Dreams was designed to be accessible, and easily hackable. Which is why most of its text has been open licensed under the CC-BY license and is available for free on itch in the Hopes & Dreams SRD. The SRD includes the game's open licensed mechanical text along with many guidelines to help you design your own game based on the engine that powers Hopes & Dreams.

Download for free!

System: Ignited by Hopes & Dreams
Format: 80 pages PDF (5.5×8.5”)
Number of players: 2-5 
Publisher: Fari RPGs
Press kit: Link

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